Fishing Physics

Smarter Anglers, More fish

A fresh take on sport and science

The Client

Joanna Bachewicz and her team manufacture produce state of the art, environmentally friendly artificial lures. The lures are extremely effective at helping anglers catch more fish, but the company's ineffective website made it difficult for customers to purchase lures online. We set out to create a new brand that reflected the science behind the lures, and an online presence that helped them stand out and convert new customers.

my role

I designed a new identity for Fishing Physics focusing on bringing together both the art and science of their product. I also designed a new front end for the ecommerce site.


I spent a few research cycles determining what brands are well known for avid fishermen and women. I generated a quick visual brand map to determine what elements were absolutely necessary for the logo.


I generated several pages of sketches to find a solution. After an internal review we arrived at three options to bring back to Joann.


Joann had already been through a few design cycles prior to working with my team at Sticksnleaves and knew what she did not want to see in the final design. She was very direct about what she did not want in terms of typography and certain imagery.


After design critique, I was able to finalize a mark that Joann and her team were enthusiastic about. With an established logo, I focused on reviving their ecommerce storefront.

process is everything.

Final Logo

The final logo incorporated the concentric circles of an atom, the leaping action of a fish and the cast of a fishing line.

Inventory Management

At any moment, Emma and her team can see what items she has in stock, which items are with customers, and which items might be reaching the end of their rental life. This helps her predict which items to buy when, to meet customer demand.