Hello, I'm Amma and I'm passionate about creating things that make a lasting impact.

01 | fishing Physics

How do you draw the attention of the avid fisherman?

02 | Meter Genius

How do electric companies thwart losing customers to unregulated markets? Gamify energy.


03 | The Borrowed Boutique

A robust rental inventory management system helps a luxury children’s clothing rental company grow with confidence.


04 | coatchex

How do you turn a common inconvenience into an opportunity? Design a quick and convenient user experience at the coat check counter.

What I do

While wireframing, ideating, and designing are pivotal qualities to have as a user experience designer, I always aim to put people first. I take pride in discovering how my work leads to the best outcome for the indivuduals that interact with my designs. I have poured my soul into leading the design department of Sticksnleaves for the past seven years.